PR Eco energy’s strength lies in the capability of its people; To think creatively, To invent out of Necessities and To innovate for increasing efficiency. The constant hunger of developing something unique has driven the ambitions of its workforce on the path laid down by its founders.

PR Ecoenergy Research and Development team is engaged in following research projects currently:-

Use of Cenosphere in Electrical Insulators
Use of cenosphere develop high Temperature transparent glasses
Use of Cenosphere to produce Glass Steel.
Development of Biomass parks for promoting Rural Entrepreneurship and stop open burning of Agrowaste.

PR Ecoenergy R&D team has laid a solid foundation for its 2 divisions with development and implementation of following propriety technologies:-

Dry Agrowaste and Baggasse using Waste Heat from Flue Gases
Extract Cenosphere and manage wet fly ash using CenotowersTM.

The company is constantly looking for forging strategic alliances and sponsorships for several research projects with premier research and development institutes globally in the field of Material science and metallurgy.



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