PR Ecoenergy is one of the few companies in India to generate and sell Steam. The company utilizes agricultural waste and biomass as its primary fuel. Company has an experience of more than a decade n selling these forms of energy through BOOT, Operation & Maintenance model with fuel linkage.

The division sells all type of Steam at varying pressures ranging from 1.5 Bar (Ata) to 67 bar (Ata) in both saturated and superheated mode. The quantity of steam sold is measured using Steam and Water flow meters.

A steam boiler is complex and dangerous unit for any manufacturing plant. Wrong practices, improper design, long operating history and irregular maintenance can cost a lot to companies in terms of Price, Efficiency, Performance and Safety.Since, Steam is required by almost every manufacturing industry for its product processes, it is imperative for companies to bear this additional responsibility and cost. PR’s qualified team of Boiler operators, proficiency engineers coupled with a comprehensive and standard maintenance programs, operation guidelines assures maximum productivity, higher efficiencies and lower cost for steam applications.

The division is developing its first model project to supply steam to multiple industries from single location in GIDC Panoli. For this it is setting up a cogeneration plant of 30 MT/Hour steam with 2.5 MW power in phase 1 and 120 MT/Hour steam with 10 MW power in phase 2 along with the facility for production of Bio Ethanol.



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