PR Central Energy supply station exploration division aims in developing central energy and utility centres in Industrial Zones for multiple manufacturing industries. After successfully gaining experience of selling industrial utilities and energyfor more than a decade, Now, the company aims in developing India’s first Central Energy Supply station to provide Steam, Chilled Water and Hot Water to manufacturing Industries in phased manner. The company aims to provide steam & electricity in phase 1 and other utilities in phase 2 of the project.

PREL aims to provide such utilities in GIDC (Gujarat Industrial Development Centre) Panoli located in District Bharuch of South Gujarat. For such activities, the company has identified an Non- Performing Asset by the name of M/s Arcoy Biorefinery lying with State bank of India since 2012. The location of the plant makes it a perfect choice and shall serve as an ideal base for transporting energies to units located in the estate. The location has an added advantage of having already obtained the required environment clearance for phase one; thus, reducing the gestation period and uncertainties of the project.

A central energy supply station is a very common aspect for the Industrial parks of China, Germany and USA. Government and Private utility service provides in these countries install common boilers and chilling plants at the center of such parks. These plants then serve the requirement of manufacturing industries. These industries are billed on the basis of the quantum of energy used. Such parks also serve as cost effective center’s as the energy provided by such plants tend to have lower per unit cost owing to larger economies of scale and are able to generate energy more efficiently as compared to decentralized standalone units. Such plants also offer the advantage of better pollution monitoring and better assessment of energy consumption for an economy as whole.

The company with its innovative operation and maintenance tweaks not only brings down the existing cost of production but also increases the efficiency and durability of the units.



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